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How It Works

A picture is worth a thousand words, see how synchronized security can improve your security operations by watching the short video below.


Synchronized Security

By automating threat discovery, investigation, and response, Synchronized Security revolutionizes threat detection. Incident response times are reduced exponentially and tactical resources can be refocused on strategic analysis.

    Synchronized Security On-Demand Webcast ft. Gartner
    Synchronized Security Whitepaper
    Synchronized Security Technical On-Demand Webcast
    Synchronized Security Datasheet
    Security Heartbeat Technical Paper


Analyst Reviews

You don’t need to take our word for it – read what independent experts are saying about Synchronized Security and the new Sophos Security Heartbeat capability.


"We consider Sophos XG appliances and Sophos Heartbeat software to be a significant innovation that can raise security performance standards for medium-sized organizations"

-451 Research



ESG – 1st Look at Synchronized Security      451 Research –Security Heartbeat Review    Enterprise Security Group: Lab Review Sophos Security Heartbeat


How to Get Synchronized Security

Ready to join the revolution? The Security Heartbeat is fully enabled and included as part of the Sophos XG Firewall/UTM and Sophos Central managed endpoint protection.

Sophos Central        UTM         Migration Overview

Network and endpoint protection, centrally managed and communicating together.
For stronger, simpler security.